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Educational Mobile Apps for k-12

Handwriting practice Android app
Letter / word tracing app for practicing handwriting, with dynamic instructions. For grades k-5 (different fonts for different grades) and ESL / ELL students.

For young students (grades k-1) and ESL / ELL students:

  • Tracing low case and upper case D'Nealian manuscpipt (precursive) letters with dynamic writing instructions,

  • Tracing lower and upper case print leters

  • Illustrations 

  • Tracing of simple words 

  • Tracing of numbers 0-30 (try our math app for an extended version of the numbers tracing)

  • Levels, points, scores


For older students: (grades 2-5)

  • Cursive letters

  •  Joined-up writing of words


For ESL / ELL students:

  • Press on an illustration to get the corresponding word read for you (English-US)

  • Press on a letter in the upper right corner to get the letter name read for you.

  • Press on a word in the upper right corner to get it read for you.

  • Dynamic instructions for learning to write print letters and words


For grownups - you can learn cursive or get a refresher course:

  • Upper and lower case cursive.

  • 15 levels of addicting practice to help you remember and later recognize the letters.

  • And, yes, voice can be switched off :-)

For students with attention deficit ( ADHD / ADD ):

  • keeping images clear and simple

  • keeping distractions to minimum

  • giving external motivation for repetitive practice by turning it into a game

  • the app is constantly evolving and is tested with ADD / ADHD students to maximize the positive effect and minimize frustration. Actually, we started the project of educational apps after realizing as parents, that very few of the existing ones make adjustments for attention deficit students. More formal studies are not finished yet and you'll see updates on this. If you use our apps with ADD / ADHD students, your students opinion is super important for us, please write us about positive effects and improvement needs.


Learn numbers and play math Android app
Learn digits and numbers 0-30 by tracing, listening and counting.

Digits and numbers tracing game that keeps children engaged and practicing through gamification of this boring task. The game includes 15 levels, each emphasizing various aspects of writing: accuracy, smoothness, speed of writing. We first teach children how to draw each digit with dynamic instructions and then we teach them to combine digits into larger numbers The writing accuracy, smoothness and speed are evaluated and children receive feedback.


Fifteen levels of a game for of tracing digits and numbers. The game presents dynamic instructions for writing digits, direction of writing numbers. Checking accuracy, smoothness and speed of tracing and giving kids feedback. Children listen to the digits names in US English. Each number is accompanied by a picture with the corresponding number of items, so that children count the items and correlate the counted number to the name and way of writing. Enjoy and let us know your kids opinion :-) !



Android app
Math and logic in Galery
k6 math riddles
Android game
Math and logic riddles Android app
Practice elementary school (k-4) math and logic (k-6) with riddles game.

Again, we turn a boring practice into a game. The game works on addition and subtraction practice as well as on multiplication and division tasks. Makes it easier for a child to memorize the multiplication table by practice. The game includes an infinite number of riddles of those two types. A parent, a child or a teacher may select either a particular type of riddles, like only addition, or a mixed type of riddles, including an additional challenge of understanding what action is required. 


The game has a single player mode with scores and levels, giving a child feedback  on each solved problem or hints for problems hat the child finds to be too challenging as well as incentives to think before asking for hints, but to ask for hints instead of guessing.


The game has a multi player mode, where both players play on the same device, with is excellent for in class activities. The multi player mode is also nice for playing with family members. Our kids are using this mode also for the in-car entertainment, when parents are busy driving.


The game has two visual riddles modes: easy and challenging. An easy mode contains an infinite number of shape riddles that develop logic while playing. 


Both of the modes support single player and multi player on the same device.



Enjoy and let us know your kids opinion :-) !



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